Robot Builders Community

We would like to build a strong robot builders community. This will be the platform for all levels of robotic professionals to help each other. We encourage everyone including high school, college and university levels to join here based on their expertise levels. We also would like to encourage professionals like mechanical, electrical, computer science and engineering graduates to join here as mentors and experts according to their skills.

What We Do Here?

  • We build bridges between learners, mentors, and we connect investors and innovators
  • Help support projects
  • Help setting up robotic clubs in different institutions
  • Technical assistance
  • Fund projects
  • Take them to market place
  • Help them finding jobs in robotics
  • Training programs

Our Robots

“Kambaii” would make foods for you and would even serve by itself. All you have to do is to choose the food and just place the order. You can even customize the spices and other ingredients based on your own choice and also save that as a new menu. It can be served both in home and restaurant purposes.

Taking medicine on time is a must for everyone specially aged people and most of the time they forget to do so. Medicine dispenser is such a robot that would solve this problem. It would notify the user by giving an alarm and deliver the medicine on time and also give the information about the amount of medicines consumed and how many are left in stock on a display.

Workers paint high rise buildings with life risks. What if we can replace them with robots? Painting Leonardo is such a robot that can paint by itself. It can be controlled easily by hand movement. Your hand will play the “joystick” role here.

Gas leakage from the gas pipe in home and due to this gas leakage explosion occurs and many people have died in recent years. This type of devise can play a vital role to stop this kind of incident. If the gas leaks from the gas pipe there is a sensor which can sense and immediately shut down the gas line. In our homes also in the industries this can be used.

What does it do? In air there are many small particles or molecules which carry serious kind of virus and bacteria those are responsible for many diseases in human body. It becomes more dangerous for the ICU patients in hospital and the people who are already suffering from different breathing problem. This device can give a solution for this problem. It can detect the harmful particles from air before entering into room and also remove that particle from air so that only fresh air can enter in the room. It can be used anywhere we want to have fresh air.

Join Us as a Mentors

Join our Robot Builders Community as a mentor if you have any of the following skills and let us know if you have any other skills that can help us to build the community and get a platform for yourself to exhibit your excellence.

We are looking for Mentors in the Following Areas:

  • If you have experience in building any kind of robotic devices
  • If you have an engineering degree or pursuing education in any of the following fields
  • If you consider yourself as a teacher
  • Mechanical Design/Rendering/Analysis
    1. AutoCAD
    2. Fusion360
    3. SolidWorks
    4. Maxsurf
    5. Keyshot
    6. CATIA
    7. Autodesk Inventor
    8. Rhino
    9. Ansys
  • Electrical/ Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis
    1. Electronic workbench
    2. Pic
    3. Eagle
    4. Maxsurf
    5. Pspice
    6. Ni Multisim
    7. Pecsim
    8. Arduino
    9. Raspberry pi
  • CS
    1. PHP
    2. Arduino
    3. WordPress
    4. Raspberry pi
    5. AVR
    6. PIC
    7. Python
    8. Android

We are organizing Roadshows & Hackathons in few major universities in Bangladesh and organizing more than 100 Roadshows in different educational institutions all over the country.