Innovator Participant #Tv-Show

It is CRID USA initiative to push robotics among the generation Z (Grade VIII-XII) especially in the United States. Mehdi Shams reached out to Shaikh Seraj with a proposal of a TV reality show on robotics in January of this year. Mr. Shaikh Seraj fully supported the idea and accepted the proposal. On April 10th of 2018 the signing ceremony was held at the Channel I premise and GPH Ispat became the official sponsor of the show. The journey began.

What Makes the Show So Special?

It is a viewer’s show. A TV reality show where we will build robots in front of camera by the viewers and for the viewers. Another words, we will make robotics easy for everyone. It will be a semi-formal education program for everyone who is interested in robotics, or we will help our youngsters to grow their interests into robotics.

Why Are We Doing this Show?

We are doing the show on robotics because IoT/Robotics is the next big thing. We have seen the boom of internet, and now this is the time for IoT/ robotics. It will change the world drastically in next five years. This is the best time for Bangladesh to take the full advantage of this situation and can become the global hub of robotics. Bangladesh has every potential to produce robotic professionals in an industrial scale. In order to support our dream of making Bangladesh the robotic hub, the CRID USA, the Channel I and the GPH together have developed the platform to help support innovators in all levels. We have taken an all-inclusive approach of accommodating everyone in this process.

How Does it Work?

Ideas to reality is one of our core slogans. We believe that an idea is the most important part of any innovation, because every great innovation is the answer to a massive problem. We value our viewers and their problems and we would like to empower our viewers to resolve their problems with a robot or a robotic device/solution. The whole show is about the life cycle of a product development process. Here is the total flow chart.

Format of the TV Show

There are two rounds of the show

  • Idea Round

Everyone will submit their ideas about building the robots/ robotic device. Top 20 ideas will be selected based on popular votes. The top 20 contestants will receive classroom training on product development by the industry experts. The next step and will help to come up with a product specs and an ad. There will be a pre-order segment as well.

  • Build the Robot Round

Based on the popular vote the elected top 20 ideas will be transformed into a full-scale product specification and will go onto the build the robot round where the specs will be given to the robot builder’s teams.

Robot builders from all over the country will form a team of 3-5 member and will submit their initial design specs to develop the robots/ robotic devices. Our panel of judges will select 4 teams for each robots and they will be building the robots in front of the camera.

Why it is More Than a TV Show?

We are now at the center of a new technological shift of equal gravity: the Robotics Revolution. This revolution will change the way of living more importantly it will irreversibly influence all our lives and the lives of future generations. There is no need for a robot to be humanoid, to have limbs, to walk, or to talk. From beggar to billionaire all are familiar with the use of machines but no-one realizes that robot can also define as a programmable machine which can be used in our daily lives as our helping hands. “GPH Ispat Esho Robot Banai” is not just a regular TV show or a reality show; rather we are working on developing the platform and supportive infrastructure to support a massive movement on robotics. It starts with a methodical approach which includes:

  1. Mobilization and awareness on robot making
  2. Training programme (web based & hands on)
  3. Networking and building a strong and resourceful robotic community
  4. Initial funding for the prototype development
  5. Pre order process (part of marketing)
  6. Project financing
  7. Taking products all the way to the market place