TV Show
Segment 01

Segment: 01

Turn your problems into profits

  • Submit your social Problem (Idea)

  • Do you have a product-idea which can solve a problem? Then this is your chance to showcase your idea. Selected idea-givers will get the opportunity to bring their ideas into reality & become a successful innovator.

  • Social Media Voting

  • Make a one-minute video about your idea and post it on social media. Let’s see how much appreciation it gets.

  • Select best 100 Ideas

  • From the reactions on social media 100 best ideas will be selected for the next round.

  • Grooming Session

  • Selected 100 idea-giver will get grooming session from experts about product development life cycle which will enable them to think about an innovator.

  • Modified Idea with Animated Video

  • Now, with better understanding of idea development selected idea-givers will make an animated video illustrating the future version of their product.

  • Social Media Voting

  • It’s time for gathering public opinion again. Post the video social media & ask people what do they think about your future product.

  • Select Best 10 Idea

  • From the reactions on social media 100 best ideas will be selected for the next round.

  • Team Formation (By Invite others)

  • Selected 10 idea-givers will ask innovators across the country to form up a team and to the furtherance the task of prototype building.

  • Collaboration with entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurs will come forward to make sure the prototype building runs smoothly.

  • Protype Build Up

  • Work hard & create your dream product.

  • TV Show ( For Pre-Order)

  • The prototype will be open for pre-order. People can buy your product in advance. This will ensure revenue generation.

  • Financial Engagement

  • Considering the quantity of pre-orders the financial institutions will come forward to take your project to the next segment.